In Touch Massage and Craniosacral Therapy, Westport CT
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About the Practitioner

Gail Bernson, owner of In Touch Therapeutic Massage and Body Work in Westport, Ct., has been a licensed massage therapist since 2002.  She studied massage therapy after completing a master's degree from the University of Connecticut where she studied Ecological Psychology, a branch of Experimental Psychology that identifies natural laws governing perception and action.  In graduate school she developed a geometry of how the body self organizes, developed applied techniques for sensory and motor integration, and choose massage and body work as the license to continue her work.    

In the massage teachings she was captivated by how information is stored in the body.  She redirected her focus to study how the physical tissue of the body holds physical, emotional, and mental stress.  Why it is held there and how to release it.  She has spent the past 10 years researching, experiencing, and embodying the many philosophies and modalities of both Eastern and Western thought and practice.  Gail is both an intellectual and an intuitive.  She has a welcoming openness and flexibility to meet people exactly where they are comfortable.

 My sensitivity allows me to experience continuous information about how your muscles and fascia are responding. I sense when releases occur, when they follow along your meridians, when they hold emotional components, and more. I can feel the body harmonize as the body shifts into balance. It's very safe, no matter the issue; your body knows which releases will benefit you at any given session.  My confidence comes from my ability to listen to your body.

It has taken years of research and experience to identify many physical ailments as the manifestation of thoughts and emotions that are held and not released.  Whether you are experiencing serious illness or injury or just wanting a deeper connection with your own inner wisdom, I bring my knowledge, compassion and experience to assist you.