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Posture and Balance

'Stand up straight!', Bring your shoulders back! do you hear comments like these and feel discouraged? 

Are you constantly watching and planning where you are stepping inorder to keep from tripping or falling? 

Noticing pains you never used to have before?  

Consciously choosing to adjust your body’s alignment/posture/gait may work for the moment but it doesn’t change the body’s default settings/positions.  In a split second decision to keep from tripping, or to catch a ball, your body will automatically default to what it already knows. Years of awkward/incorrect placement and movement have imprinted in your brain and nervous system.

I have a unique approach to helping people retrain your brain and your nerve/energetic pathways in order to change those default settings and enable you to move through space confidently with grace and ease in harmony with gravity rather than constantly fighting it.   

Our posture is our starting point for all our other actions.  As I teach you ways to increase the number of choices your body has to organize its actions your body naturally transitions into a better posture. 


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