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Adults Massage for Pain  Are you frustrated with short term solutions?  My work combines massage with myofascial techniques in order to break through the chronic tightness in your muscles and start separating out and resolving the underlying cause.  We work together to figure out where the problem is coming from and what changes can be made to lessen the stress on your body.   Pain management is both a gift and a limitation.  Why not explore alternative therapies that work with the body to resolve restrictions impacting your mobility and comfort.  Get in touch, lets talk about what is going on with you and where to begin. 

Massage for Relaxation and Stress reduction  Do you want to relax and quiet your mind?  Are you holding onto your day when your day is over? Come enjoy an unimaginable relaxing experience.  We shift away from all the individual muscles calling for attention and drop you into a deep state of relaxation.  As your entire body lets down it begins releasing days and years of accumulated stress. You can hear your mind quiet down and feel your muscles let go.  

It's a good time to learn to listen to your body and know your rhythm.  Know when it is time to give your muscles and nervous system a chance to unwind.   In Touch is located near down town Westport, one block from the town center.  Serving the communities of New Canaan, Darien, Greenwich, Fairfield, Westport and Norwalk.  Schedule a consult when you know you will be nearby.  

Kids In Touch  Are you noticing something about how your child organizes his/her body that is different, for example one toe points in, or when she turns she doesn't pivot around one foot.  Is your child not progressing in physical and occupational therapies the way you want and you are searching for additional help?  I have 20 years of experience helping children with a variety of challenges. From concussions, headaches and sport injuries, to anxiety, balance, clumsiness, auditory processing, handwriting, eye contact, muscle tone, and delayed development.

The developmental work I do with children combines Craniosacral therapy with a unique strategy to teach spatial awareness.  Your child leaves with more choices for how his or her nervous system can self-organize.  This combination of the movement work with Craniosacral therapy has exciting changes happening with lots and lots of children!

TBI Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke    I have a unique style of inquiry to support one's recovery from brain injury and stroke.  As a graduate student I created techniques to challenge the body to self organize to teach sensory motor integration.  In addition Craniosacral Therapy has an advanced in depth curriculum focused on the physiology and neuroscience of the brain.  Together there is a lot to pull from to meet you exactly where you are to support positive change.  If you are looking for additional support to compliment your current focus with the medical model give me a call.



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Licensed CT002839, Board Certified NCBTMB

Board Certified in Integrative Medicine 





Holistic massage therapy, stress management, post surgery recovery,  posture, balance, emotional release, support with a long term illness, deep tissue work, craniosacral, myofascial release, relief from back pain, neck pain, knee replacement, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, jaw pain, knee pain, sports injuries, and more.